“CHER-AIM” brand Herbal Inhaler produced from Thai crude herbs with no chemical substances and produce good effect to health made through meticulous production process for good health of consumers. “CHER-AIM” brand Herbal Inhaler has been produced by Jisprapat Limited Partnership, since 2001, which was originated from “Yatrabaipo Limited Partnership (”, the manufacturer of Yakiew and oral Panacea Tra Bai Po., Thai traditional medicine that has been popularized and trusted by Thais all the time since the past till present date for more than 100 years. With our intention and endeavor to produce the product from nature, “CHER-AIM” brand Herbal Inhaler is the herbal inhaler certified by the Food and Drug Administration that it is the first and sole herbal medicine with its properties to improve the heart in Thailand. At present, “CHER-AIM” has many selections and sizes of herbal products as required.

Named “CHER-AIM”

The word “CHER” in Thai means “TREE” compared to the representative of herbs and nature.
The word “AIM” rooted from “IM–AIM” means “FERTILE”.
In conclusion “CHER-AIM” means “FERTILE TREE or the fertility of crude herbs”
“CHER-AIM” or “CHA–AIM” is also Thai herb with sweet and fragrant taste and smell and with the properties of medicine and food cooking.

Regarding trademark, there are two leaves represent the condition of being nature and the representative of herbs and tell the history originated from YaTraBaiPo Limited Partnership ( a single Po leaf brand)

Herb with good health

At present, health topic is often talked of in the conversation. Modernly young people not only Asian but other nations throughout the world pay more attention to their health. Heath-care plays role in human's living from getting up in the morning to going to bed, food eaten must contain low fat and gain complete nutrient essential, physically regular and proper exercise. Using products produced from crude herbs free from chemical substances and the medicine must produced from herbs as well.

Herbs are worth and safety.

There are abundant properties of herbs help nourish body, prevent and cure many kinds of diseases. There are many kinds of product made from herbs such as medicine for eating, application and inhalation. We ought to study such products for the proper use and for the supreme benefit of treatment. Moreover, the products produced from herbs are more safety for health than made from chemical substances.

“CHER-AIM”, the quality and safety product for consumers, produced with endeavor including quality and novel product research, take responsibility on society as well as environment.


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